Making A Difference for Us


The Issues

  • Fiscal Responsibility

    The federal government and most states are broken, debt-ridden basket cases. Not Indiana. We are setting the standard for fiscal responsibility with truly-balanced state budgets, tough accountability for spending by state agencies, and the largest tax cuts in Hoosier history. We must remain vigilant to keep our fiscal house in order to keep Indiana on track, taxes low and our state government efficient.

  • Economic Growth, Jobs & Free Enterprise

    Expanding our economy and creating jobs has been a top-priority of mine. Government doesn’t create jobs – quite the contrary. So I’ve worked to get bureaucracy out of the way, remove costly and ineffective regulations, and focus on free market strategies to grow our economy. We have to create a climate that encourages business investment and expansion.

    Indiana has become the go-to state for job-creating economic development projects. Indiana is ranked the best state in the Midwest and the fifth best in the nation for a place to locate or expand a job-creating operation.

  • Right-to-Work

    The passage of Indiana’s new Right-to-Work law was a landmark achievement. Not only does it protect working men and women from being forced to join or pay dues to a labor union boss to get or keep a job, but it’s a huge positive for our state in attracting job-creating economic development projects.

  • Pro-Life

    I believe strongly in the sanctity of life and have been a strong and consistent supporter of pro-life issues. I am absolutely committed to protecting the lives of the unborn and have supported efforts to eliminate state-funded abortions and to demand full and proper counseling to mothers to discourage them making this mistake.

  • Education

    Every Indiana child deserves and needs the opportunity to access a high-quality, successful education in this state. I’ve strongly supported giving parents more options, providing more flexibility for our schools while increasing accountability requirements, and focusing on student learning first.

  • Defense of Marriage

    I believe marriage is a sacred, critical contract for our society and it should only exist between one man and one woman. Diversity can flourish without further weakening the critical role of traditional marriage in this country.

  • Second Amendment Rights

    I am in strong support of our rights to keep and bear arms as embodied in the 2nd Amendment. As a member of the NRA, I believe the 2nd Amendment is vital to a free nation, preserving the rights or our citizens to defend themselves and their country.

  • Fighting the drug battle

    The use of methamphetamines is kill our communities. Billions of tax dollar are being spent, families lives are being ruined and our jails are overcrowded due to this epidemic. The current tracking system is telling us what we already know. We don't want to track meth labs, we want to eliminate them.